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        Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Group includes Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd and Shanghai Xuhe Investment Management Co., Ltd. The headquarter base of Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Group locates in PuJiang High-Tech Park, Caohejing Development Zone, Shanghai. Shanghai Xuhe introduces vacuum belt filter technology in FGD system from Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in December, 2003 and Shanghai Xuhe is the sole supplier of MHI’s Mitsubishi Vacuum Belt Filter worldwide in the environmental protection area. Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Group is a high-tech enterprise with strong ability to research & develop, design & manufacture, and to provide erection & commissioning service and after-sales service.
        Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Group owns many different kinds of professionals with sound research & development skills and rich engineering experience. Besides the advanced technology, Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Group also introduces advanced management and quality control system from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to make sure that its product and service conforms to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries unified standard. Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Group has achieved quality management system certification ISO 9001:2008, environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 and European Union export certificate - the CE certificate.
        Xuhe Environmental Group organizes its technology research and development personnel to improve and optimize Mitsubishi Vacuum Belt Filter. This type of vacuum belt filter has several advantages: it owns reasonable design, simple construction, convenient installation and maintenance; it’s hot-state commissioning; its performance acceptability ratio is 100 percent;it’s energy-saving and its electric consumption in the dewatering system is less than those made by other manufactures worldwide by more than 30 percent. The Mitsubishi Vacuum Belt Filters provided by Shanghai Xuhe have been operating in several hundred power plants in China and many other countries in Asia, Europe and South America and they are operating in good condition.
        Xuhe Environmental introduced MITSUBISHI SLUDGE DRYER technology from Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on 1st, Aug, 2013 and developed, together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a kind of sludge dryer which is suitable for Chinese sludge characteristics and therefore achieves the localization of MITSUBISHI SLUDGE DRYER. Xuhe Environmental provides advanced and low-maintenance- cost sludge dryers for Chinese sewage treatment plants and makes contribution to environmental protection cause.
        An agreement on MGGH project was reached between Shanghai Xuhe and MHPS in September, 2014 after many years of cooperation and mutual trust. According to the current FGD system in China, Shanghai Xuhe Environmental Group plans to take full advantage of the flue gas heat energy, intends to improve re-pollution caused by flue gas and to contribute in green emission and environment protection.

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